Mole Removal in Devon, PA

Cosmetic mole or lesion removal eliminates skin growths that can be large, dark, bumpy, or located in an inconvenient area. At Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania, we frequently remove unappealing moles and lesions for patients in the Devon, PA area. During your consultation, the mole's size, depth, and location will be observed and noted to determine the appropriate course of action. The lesion or mole will also be examined to determine whether it is benign or non-cancerous so that it can be removed safely and accordingly. Contact our office to schedule a consultation to examine your mole or lesion, and get more information about your options that may include local surgery or laser treatments.

Certain factors, such as the depth, location, and size of the lesion or mole, will be considered to determine the most appropriate technique for removal. Lesions and moles that are only superficial or flush with the skin’s surface may qualify for laser removal or a simple skin-shaving technique. Moles and lesions that have grown deeper within your skin may require local excision. To perform an excision, we will numb the area with anesthesia, surgically remove the mole or lesion, and then carefully stitch the skin back together for optimal cosmetic results. Various laser treatments can also be performed after to improve the appearance of scars.

If you have a mole that may be cause for concern or you simply would like the mole removed for cosmetic reasons, Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania in Devon, PA provides effective removal solutions. Having a mole removed offers several helpful benefits, such as:

  • Recovery is generally quick
  • Minimal scarring can be accomplished
  • Reduces skin irritation and discomfort from irritated lesions
  • Straightforward, in-office procedure
  • Fairly simple with very little discomfort
  • Typically little to no downtime

I went in to get a mole removed and the whole process was so smooth!

M.D. Google

As someone who gets sunburnt taking the trash out, Dr. Wang was great. He listened to all of my concerns & addressed each one in a way that made sense to me. Was informative without causing any worry. Skin screen was thorough & had 2 moles removed at my request that he was not worried about, but did so anyway for my peace of mind.

Anonymous ZocDoc

Phenomenal experience working with Dr. Wang and Nellie. I'm only 1 day past stitch removal, following mole removal and my skin already looks really great. They have amazing bedside manner, are quick, efficient, friendly, and know what they're doing. Highly highly recommend.

A.R. ZocDoc

The office is clean and modern, the staff is very friendly. Dr. Wang and his assistant were so knowledgeable and patient and they explained everything I need to know. Dr. Wang is so comprehensive and transparent and tell me the pros and cons of the procedures (removing mole and tags). The process is quick and I barely felt it when it is done. I highly recommend this office and Dr. Wang.

F.Z. ZocDoc

I needed a mole removed from my face. Mole was removed and no scar left bhind. The people here are amazing. Always so nice.

L.B. Google


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Although moles and lesions are not always a medical concern, they can be unwanted. Learn more about mole and lesion removal at Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania to rid yourself of any undesired skin growths on your body and face. Having a professional assess your mole can also help ease your concern about any possible medical conditions. Schedule a consultation at our Devon, PA practice to have your skin mole or lesion assessed and treated.

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